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Anger and Illness: Providing Emotional Support for the Elderly and Disabled

Anger and IllnessAnger is a natural emotion, however anger can compound existing health problems and can become very stressful especially for seniors.  Providing emotional support for the elderly and disabled as they struggle with health issues is important. [Continue reading]

Nutrition for Seniors

foodiesfeedEveryone needs food and water on a daily basis. Yet certain types of foods affects our bodies differently as we age.

[Continue reading]

Cancer and Chemotherapy: How to Provide Excellent Care To Support Patients

Cancer and Chemotherapy: How to Provide Excellent Care To Support Patients

Cancer affects millions of people. There are many forms of cancer and treatment depends on the type and stage of cancer a person is in when diagnosed. Sometimes cancerous cells are found in the blood causing leukemia or they might be in organs in the … [Continue reading]

When Alzheimers Hits Home: A Caregivers Story


Alzheimer's is a disease that is slowly robs patients of their past, present and future. The disease typically affects people over the age of 50 and it is a progressive brain disorder that destroys both memory function and cognition. Many people … [Continue reading]

Growing Need for Elder Care and Employer Support

Home health care worker and an elderly couple

The need for elder care in the form of home care and health care services in the home is growing. Many working people are experiencing challenges caring for elderly relatives, children and working full time. … [Continue reading]

Caring for the Elderly During the Holidays

Caring for the Elderly During the Holidays

As a caregiver it’s important to make sure our elderly and disabled family members are comfortable and encouraged during the holidays. There are many ways to give and below we discuss a few ways you can give to your elderly loved to make sure the … [Continue reading]

Helping Your Elderly Loved Ones With Depression


Depression is an illness that affects the mind and body.  It occurs in people of all ages including the elderly as they age. Feelings of depression can occur as the seasons change such as transitioning from summer to fall and winter. … [Continue reading]

How to Prevent the Spread of Infection At Home

clean hands

Keeping your home clean and safe especially for elderly is the key to preventing the buildup of germs and the spread of infection. If you’re a caregiver for elderly friends and family at home, keeping the home clean and protecting yourself and … [Continue reading]

How To Keep Elderly Family Members Safe From Elder Abuse

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Elder Abuse, also called senior abuse occurs in all cultures and countries. In fact, a recent article in Forbes, highlighted a report released by The Elder Justice Roadmap, asserting the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Health and … [Continue reading]

Caring for Elderly Loved Ones


Seven years ago, my uncle was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Less than two years later he developed Parkinson’s disease. My uncle worked hard his entire life, raised three children and built a successful business which he sold shortly … [Continue reading]